Mix and Match : Short Pants


Hanging Out with Friends

Wanna hangout with your friends this weekend? Try mixing your short pants with a polo shirt for crop boyish look. You can also add some supporting accessories, such as round sunglasses and sneakers.


Shop Till’ You Drop

Wanna go shopping at the mall? Just wear your short pants with a stylish stripes top, then add a necklace and a backpack as accessories. Effortlessly cool!

After School Activities

Going to your course didn’t mean you have to dress neatly, right? You can still wear shorts,combined with the boyfriend t-shirt. You can add earrings and watch for a girly look.

Slip On Shoes, Anyone?

grey slip-on dark slip on

Get the trendy look with this model of shoes! Slip on shoes can complement your casual style become more fashionable.

This casual style shoes can be combined with any item. Such as jeans, mini-skirts or mini dress. Slip-on shoes also comes with a variety of trendy models. Starting from the pointed shoes model, flatforms with various motifs and materials. Some are made of black leather, white and holograms. They are also made from canvas material with attractive motifs such as floral, tartan and unique fast food. In addition, details on this shoes such as sequins and beads makes slip on shoes cooler.

Mix and Match : Tropical Dress

concert style

Go to a Concert

Looks gorgeous at music festival with a tropical dress. Match the dress with a denim vest, then don’t forget to wear slip on shoes and sling bag.

dating style

Dating with Boyfriend

You wanna look perfect for dating, right? try wearing your tropical dress with a necklace and a belt for a girly impression. Don’t forget to wear your favorite flat shoes.


Birthday Party

It’s time to look different in a friend’s birthday party. Pair your tropical dress with a long necklace, flower earrings, unique clutch and high heels. Pretty!

Mix and Match : Choker

grunge girl

Grunge Girl

Choker is identical to the bold and grunge style of the 90’s.The dominance of monochrome and dark colors is the main key for you who wanna try this kind of look. Try matching your black halter top with denim shorts. For a touch of 90’s you could wear a tartan shirt as an outerwear.

casual chic

Casual Chic

Want to look simple but still chic with a choker? Try playing with the light-colored outfit and accessories. For example, you can mix and match peach Knotted top with floral bodycon skirt. Add an outerwear for a girly impression.

classy preppy

Classy Preppy

Preppy look with a classy style cameo choker can be your choice. For the outfit, match your light blue tops with checked fitted pants. Then, wear a basic blazer with monochrome colors to give a classy touch to your outfit.

Minimalist Necklace, a New Trend to Try?!

necklace 1 necklace 2 necklace 3


Forget your statement necklace for a while. Now, it’s the ime to move on to something more simple, like a row of the following minimalist necklace.

Their shape and color is very simple. But, that’s its superiority. With a clean look, this mini necklace can accompany any type of outfit. You can use as an accents on a plain colored shirt. Or tone up your print tops without looking overdone. If you do not want to look too plain, you can combine several necklaces in one look. So what are you waiting? Collect them now!

Get Mini!


mini skirt 1 mini skirt 2


mini skirt 3 mini skirt 4

Forever 21

mini skirt 5 mini skirt 6



Mini skirt is always on! Coming in a variety of shapes and materials, short skirts can give any look that you want. Casual, flirty, comfy, cutey, you name it!

Mini skirts are also options if you want to look girly instantly. Just choose the sweet details, like the peplum, frill or flares. And if you want to look a bit boyish and comfortable, try skort, which is a mix between a skirt and shorts.
While you want to look a bit sexy, tight skirt with a wide selection of materials, such as sequins to sheer detail can upgrade your total look. Fun!